Monday, September 28, 2009

My Little Girls

Here are some pictures my two daughters drew yesterday during the game. I think drawing is great. It doesn't make much noise so I am able to enjoy the game without constant interuption. It is nice that we are able to spend quality family time together during halftime and the commercial breaks. I have both of these pictures up on the refrigerator to remember our special day together. Everytime I grab a beer, I think of my little Charger fans. Kids, they grow up sooooo fast!

Bad Stuff About Pittsburgh

Things that the east coast liberal media elite refuse to tell you.
Here is proof that Pittsburgh is a godless city and why we are morally superior.
  1. G20 Summit
  2. Steel Mills
  3. Unions
  4. They voted for Obama
  5. The Pirates
  6. The Deer Hunter (Hollywood Brainwashing)
  7. Steelers in trouble with the law
  8. Johnstown flood
  9. Pittsburgh Drug Trials
  10. Theresa Heinz Kerry

Plus, the only reason we lost to the Steelers last year is because of the refs. We outplayed them the whole game. Facts are facts, Pittsburgh is substandard. We are superior!

Chargers Dominate Dolphins

As expected, the Chargers rolled right over the pathetic Dolphins at Qualcom Stadium yesterday. Miami's poor playing was exposed by a far superior team and Chad Pennington looked awful. At least three times he seemed to be looking around, hoping the goverment would step in and take care of his problems. When will the godless Dolphins ever learn that socialism doesn't work?
Despite the liberal media, the NFL front office, and the referees all hoping for a Dolphin victory, we proved superior.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Free Sean Merriman

Plain and simple, this Chinese girl is lying. I suspect a liberal or mafia plot designed to discredit the morally superior Chargers. Don't the police have more important things to do? Why not arrest Billicheat or the illegals hanging out at Home Depot instead?
Even if Sean is guilty, I forgive him, as should all great Americans. He needs to realize that these Chinese girls are not going to like being pushed around like his own kind do.
Free Sean Merriman!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Say No To Socialism, Build The Stadium

I am really getting tired of the pointy headed liberal elite media writing all kinds of bad stuff about building the new Charger stadium. This is a win-win situation. The city and all the citizens get the benefit that a new stadium brings. Look what happened with Petco. Downtown was a ghost town ten years ago. Now we have Horton Plaza, the Convention Center, the Gaslamp Quarter, and Seaport Village;...all thanks to the Padres new park.
Say no to socialism and build the new stadium that the Spanos' want.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Look Who's Drunk

Sniveling snob Eli Manning, high on drugs and malt liquor, with a prostitute.