Saturday, April 16, 2011

Hip Hip Hooray

We win! The filthy gold digger tramp got exactly what she deserved today when a jury denied her millions of dollars of Brian Giles hard earned cash. Like a liberal welfare queen who drives a Cadillac, this skanky ho just kept wanting more and more.
And what kind of name is Cheri Olvera? It certainly doesn't sound like the name of a real American. It sounds ethnic and immoral. Is she Jewish or Italian? I'll bet this wench is from the east coast.
The liberal media made a big deal of the allegation that Brian had punched her in a bar. Thank God the jury was smart and realized that she deserved it. A Padre would never punch a girl, unless she deserved it. I can tell just by looking at her evil face that she deserved it.

This mustache lady has been a complete hypocrite. First she complains about being punched in the mouth and given a fat lip. Then she goes and gets botox injections in her lip. Make up your mind garlic breath! Either you like fat lips or you don't - you can't have it both ways!

Brian should have ran away the moment he found out she was injecting botox. Sticking needles in your body? That's disgusting! I know Brian would never associate with someone who would use a needle to inject strange chemicals in order to improve themselves.

Let this be a lesson to all the money grubbing femi-nazis out there. Don't mess with the Padres. Now go back to your morally bankrupt, ethnically tainted, godless east coast. And take that gold digger with the linguine lips and rotten clam crotch with you.