Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Let's Compare San Diego to Carson

It's a scientific fact that the San Diego Chargers are America's finest team and should be playing in America's finest city. Let's run a test and compare San Diego to Carson.

San Diego is a shining city by the sea.
Carson is an urban ethnic cesspool.

San Diego represents love of God, country and family.
Carson represents love of Obama, malt liquor and food stamps.

If San Diego were a woman she would be pure and virginal without a taint of ethnicity or liberalism.
If Carson were a woman, she would have vaginal sores and be turning tricks in a car.

San Diego believes that marriage is between one man and one woman.
Carson isn't familiar with the word.

San Diego is fish tacos, craft beer, and any type of fast food chain you can dream of.
Carson is a box of Twinkies and a warm Tecate.

San Diego supports the troops.
Carson supports the Black Panthers.and Cesar Chavez.

San Diego girls look like the All American Girl.
Carson girls look like Obama's angry black wife.

San Diego wants their country back.
Carson wants more crack.

The choice is clear. The San Diego Chargers belong in San Diego and not some mongrel city like Carson. Say no to socialism and miscegenation. Say yes to the mighty Chargers. Say yes to your San Diego Super Chargers!

Build the stadium!
GO BOLTS!!!!!!