Saturday, July 23, 2011

Jeff Moorad Loves Illegal Immigration

The Mexican invasion of America now has a new friend in Padres CEO Jeff Moorad. That's right, the San Diego Padres, who represent all that is good about the USA, have a traitor in their ranks. The good, morally superior people of San Diego detest illegal immigration, but Jeff Moorad loves it and wants open borders.
The liberally tainted Moorad belongs to a group called Wake Up Arizona. This is a radical, anti-american, pro La Raza group which hates real Americans. The website for this subversive group says
"We steadfastly oppose illegal immigration and we believe in workable employer sanctions. But we also believe in standing up against a bad law, even when it’s not popular to do so."

"Wake Up Arizona! is a coalition of Arizonans concerned about the unintended consequences of the state’s new employer sanctions law".

Wake Up Arizona? How about WAKE UP AMERICA!!!! This group clearly hopes to weaken the US laws which have made this country great. These unwashed filthy immigrants will dilute our American superiority just like the blacks, Muslums and Italions did. Moorad and his liberal group of friends want to undermine America by introducing an inferior seed to the gene pool. Can Sharia law be far behind?

I can understand if Moorad wants to hire illegal workers. America has a long proud history of cheap labor provided by mongrels - it's what made this country great. Free market capitalism needs cheap foreign labor to serve as a scarecrow for the lazy US legal workers who expect a lifelong job. A cheap underpaid foreigner workforce with no citizenship rights or political power is the fuel that keeps our glorious economy humming along.

our wife!

Cheap illegal labor is a great thing, but that doesn't mean these people need to be coddled. What part of ILLEGAL does Jeff Moorad not understand? These people are not real Americans and should not be treated as ones. I think Moorad should spend a few months working on a farm. Maybe then, he will understand the importance of good breeding. You give a Mexican a free pass in this country, and the next thing you know he is stealing your car. Then he wants minimum wage and child labor laws passed. Before you know it, he is upstairs in bed with your wife.

The great thing about San Diego is that we are morally and genetically superior to the east coast cities and LA, and San FAGcisco. Padres and Chargers fans are superior as well. We reject Satan, multiculturalism, socialism, Kenyan Presidents, mass transit, and libraries. Watching the Padres game last night on TV, I couldn't believe how many people in the Phillies stands were Jewish, Italion, Irish, black, Arab and who knows what other evil ethnicity. Philadelphia fans looked like the Iraqi terrorists who attacked America on 9/11.

You wont see that at Petco. Thats' why San Diego is morally superior. But if Moorad and his La Raza group has his way, soon Petco will resemble a pointy headed, east coast ethnic cesspool . Wake Up Padres Fans!

Jeff Moorad needs to disavow himself from this threatening and evil group, or else sell the team.