Friday, December 24, 2010

Cincinnati Is Pathetic

I first learned about how evil and godless Cincinnati is when I watched the TV show WKRP In Cincinnati. The show starred such drug infested socialists as Dr Johnny Fever (Jewish) and Venus Flytrap (a black guy), and promiscuous unmarried women like Jennifer Marlowe and Bailey Quarters. The only normal regular Americans on the show, such as Herb Tarlek were constantly ridiculed for their belief in heterosexual marriage and conservative values. It was obvious to me at a young age that Cincinnati was an awful place filled with American hating filthy east coast types.
Cincinnati sports teams have always been treasonous also. Big liberals like Johnny Bench spoke out against the Vietnam War, while filthy New Yorkers such as Boomer Esiason secretly conspired to bring Sodom and Gomorrah to Ohio. The Reds (red is a codeword for communist) and the Bengals (bengal is the symbol of Africa) tried their best to undermine America. Only when Marge Schott bought the team did they act like real Americans. But the liberal media persecuted her for not being politically correct, and ran her out of town. The big bad government then stepped in and forced a socialist to buy the team. If that doesn't prove how much Cincinnati hates real America, then I don't know what does.

The Bengals are also cheaters! In 1981 the Chargers were clearly the best team in the entire NFL. The Bengals however were like African rats with no morals, and they would do whatever they had to in order to win. In the AFC Championship Game, they opened the garage doors on the field to allow the wind to blow against the Chargers. Then when the Bengals had the ball, they would close the doors. Of course the liberal east coast media knew about it and said nothing, just like they refuse to report about the film of Michelle Obama screaming "kill Whitey" at a black church. And the refs with their liberal east coast minds and union values did nothing either.
Just like Herb on WKRP, we were ridiculed and punished for our superior morality and genetics, and the Bengals went to the Super Bowl instead.
The photo above is of Chad Ochocinco of the godless and pathetic Bengals. Just like Obama, Ochocinco is a Kenyan name. Whatever happened to regular American names like Rivers or Hundley? Does he think he is too good for an American name? He needs to stop acting so uppity and start acting like a real American. I bet he celebrates Kwanza instead of Christmas too.
Fortunately Ochocinco and his Kenyan values will not be playing this Sunday. Rumor has it, he spent all of his welfare check on smoking crack and that is the reason he can't play. The Bengals are pathetic and won't stand a chance against the Chargers.

I predict a huge win by the Chargers against the Bengals. Cincinnati is not up to NFL standards and has no way to stop a mighty team like our boys from San Diego. The Chargers will prove how superior they are by crushing the pathetic Bengals 38-7. Of course the liberal media is saying the game will be much closer, but we all know how bias they are against San Diego. Remember, you heard it here first. If you have some spare money hanging around, it would be worth your time to place some bets based on my 38-7 prediction. Merry Christmas indeed! I will also be making some predictions for the Chargers playoff games in January.

To all my white Christian friends out there, have a Merry Christmas. If you are a Jew, Arab, or celebrate Kwanza, I hope you have a miserable day. Peace on Earth, Good Will Towards Men.

Chargers 38 Bengals 7 Go Chargers! We Are Superior!

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